From Startups to Upstarts – The Changing Face of Banking


I’ve started this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts on the way technology is changing the way we think about financial services and banking products.  It’s an exciting new world out there and the democratisation of banking has begun in earnest.  Like many other legacy industries, tomorrow’s financial ecosystem won’t necessarily be dominated by the incumbent players of today.  As nimble web technology upstarts emerge, able to interconnect previously disconnected business and consumer banking processes, a more personal, social and authentic financial tool kit will become apparent.

In a recent KPMG report detailing the 50 best Fintech Innovators worldwide, only 4 Australian companies made the top list.  That tells me the fintech ecosystem effect is yet to hit our shores in a big way.  This blog will aim to introduce you to our local hopefuls as they cross my radar and also some of the exciting developments happening further afield.  I look forward to sharing stories from the frontline with you over the next few months and maybe even getting a few of you inspired to get your feet wet yourselves.  Speaking of getting your feet wet, head over to Tyro’s new FinTechHub to learn how you can start disrupting with a crew who have been there, done that.

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