NZ Government Petition: Establish a Ministry for Expatriates

+1M Expat Kiwis must have direct advocacy and representation in the Aotearoa New Zealand Parliament.


Our Mission

To petition the government to develop an Aotearoa New Zealand Diaspora Strategy, and create a ministerial portfolio with responsibility for ensuring its implementation. We have adopted this mission from the great work done in 2021 by the Helen Clark Foundation.

Why we need this now

For 2 years New Zealand citizens living offshore have had their rights eroded. Two key issues driving this are:

  • New Zealand’s continued border closure and the inequitable Managed Isolation Quarantine system (MIQ).

  • No adoption by the government of the New Zealand Electoral Commission’s recommendation to amend the Electoral Act, to ensure overseas voters, who have been unable to visit New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic (and therefore risk losing their eligibility for electoral enrolment) are not prevented from voting in upcoming local and general elections. Today you are required to have visited New Zealand in the 3 years leading up to an election.
    • The next New Zealand general election to determine the composition of the 54th Parliament of New Zealand will be held no later than 13 January 2024.

How this initiative will benefit all New Zealanders

All New Zealanders can benefit from diaspora representation and engagement. This ministry could:

  • Canvas and understand the diaspora, through quantitative research and grass roots engagement
  • Develop economic opportunities that leverage the diaspora to generate income producing activities in NZ that raise taxable revenue
  • Work with offshore diaspora, government and local councils to develop creative solutions to border management, that eliminate the quarantine burden on tax-payers without introducing unacceptable health risks
  • Create remote work opportunities for local New Zealanders via offshore diaspora connections, raising local wages and taxable revenue
  • Advocate for better social and economic treatment of all NZ diaspora in major diaspora hubs (AU, UK)
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to maximise diaspora engagement and economic output, for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

How you can help

There are three simple ways you can help right now:

  • Support and donate to other amazing direct action initiatives, like Grounded Kiwis