About Me


I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts on the current technology driven revolution taking place in the banking and payments industry, otherwise known as ‘fintech’.  It’s changing the way we access and use financial services and banking products, bringing greater choice and power to consumers and small businesses alike.

My Background

Since 2009 I’ve been working for Australia’s most successful fintech startup, Tyro. We started out specialising in payments, way before anyone believed tech heads could be successful selling finance products. Now we have a full banking licence and $100M in the bank. So I guess we proved them wrong!

In my 9 to 5, you’ll find me growing a deposit and lending book from scratch via our tech partnerships with cloud accounting and point of sale software vendors. Outside of that I’m a fintech blogger and commentator, the Australian correspondent for Brett King’s Breaking Banks and write weekly for the team over at Daily Fintech, covering all things small business and fintech related. I also write for the team at BankNXT and you can check out my articles for them there too!

Media & Presenting

Alongside all of that, you can also catch me over at Finance News Network delivering the ASX sharemarket outlook each Monday and Friday, and keeping tabs on the listed fintech shakers and movers!

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Recent speaking engagements

November 2016

Payments NZ Conference – Auckland, New Zealand – Dynamics Network Panel.

Upcoming speaking engagements

January 2017

Next Money Fintech Finals – Hong Kong – The (Fintech) World is Flat: – Postcards from 8 diverse fintech markets

Fintech growth courses

I’ve just launched a series of courses specialising in helping people learn how to do what I do best – growing a fintech business. Check them out here.

Contact me

If you’d like to get in touch about content, media or speaking opportunities then please contact me via linkedin, twitter or email. You can also subscribe to my blog and have my fintech commentary delivered straight to your inbox.