About Me

I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts on the current technology driven revolution taking place in the banking, investment and payments industry, otherwise known as ‘fintech’.  It’s changing the way we access and use financial services and banking products, bringing greater choice and power to consumers and small businesses alike.

My Background

I’m currently the CEO & Co-Founder at fintech startup Zuper Superannuation, where we’re retiring super as you know it. If you’re visiting this blog from farther afield than Australia (like the US or UK), simply substitute super for 401K or Pension. At Zuper we love things like behavioural science, AI, chatbots and investments in things that make sense for the future. So if you also love all those things, and you live in Australia, sign up for early access.

Prior to Zuper – between 2009 to 2017 – I worked for Australia’s most successful fintech startup, Tyro. We started out specialising in payments, way before anyone believed tech heads could be successful selling finance products. During that time we landed a full banking licence and $100M in the bank. So I guess we proved them wrong!

While at Tyro I managed to convince people to let me work in sales, marketing and even product. Over the course of 2016 and the first half of 2017 I led the Go To Market team responsible for growing Tyro’s deposit and lending book from scratch. Working in conjunction with the technical product leads and credit team, my mandate was to build a bank grade, compliant system that allowed a small businesses to fully digitally onboard onto Tyro’s banking and lending products. We released our first iteration of this journey in early 2017.

Outside of Tyro I’m a fintech blogger and commentator, the Australian correspondent for Brett King’s Breaking Banks and write weekly for the team over at Daily Fintech, covering all things small business and fintech related. I also write for the team at BankNXT and you can check out my articles for them there too!

Media & Presenting

I’ve freelanced as a finance journalist for Australia’s leading online finance news provider Finance News Network , previously delivering the ASX sharemarket outlook each Monday and Friday, and keeping tabs on the listed fintech shakers and movers!

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I’m regularly called upon to chair panels or present an insiders view of the fintech world in Australia. Here are some of my recent and upcoming engagements.

Upcoming speaking engagements

IIA International Conference 2017 – 23 – 26 July 2017 – Sydney – Digital Mobile Payments: What Does the Future Hold?

Recent speaking engagements

ISACA Sydney Chapter Governance – 10 May 2017 – Governance considerations for a Fintech organisation

Next Money Fintech Finals 2017 – Hong Kong – The (Fintech) World is Flat: – Postcards from 8 diverse fintech markets. Watch my presentation!

Payments NZ Conference 2016 – Auckland, New Zealand – Dynamics Network Panel.

Contact me

If you’d like to get in touch about content, media or speaking opportunities then please contact me via linkedin, twitter or email. You can also subscribe to my blog and have my fintech commentary delivered straight to your inbox.